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Note the use of electric oven

1 first bake to smell
Electric oven before applying, to a high temperature bake, to smell from the oven heating. Before using the first with a clean damp cloth will oven and wipe it again, the oven door half open, about the fire open, temperature is adjusted to the high temperature (250 DEG C) and bake for 10 minutes. Because the process there will be some smell even white smoke from the oven shed (normal), so the indoor to maintain the smooth flow of air, after 10 minutes can let the oven door open in order to accelerate heat dissipation, can be used according to the general procedure. Small oven just wipe clean the inside and outside, open the oven door preheating (the same would have shed smoke or smell), till the smoke when closing the power supply can be. The heating pipe will be light and dark.
2 note:
The preheat oven
In the baking oven before any food, need to be preheated to a specific temperature, in order to meet the baking time on recipes. Preheat the oven for about 10 minutes, if the air preheat oven baked too long, may also affect the service life of the oven.
The height of baking
With a small oven baked goods, basically as long as the food is put into it, but medium oven usually contain, three storey height can choose, as long as the recipe does not specifically state that fire temperature, the pan is arranged on a middle layer can be; if the ignition temperature of the high and fire temperature low, unless a separate thermostat oven fire, otherwise at this time is usually the fire temperature sum divided by two, and then the baking tray is arranged on the upper can be, but still need to always pay attention to whether the focal surface.
The food processing of coke
Small oven easily happened coke, then you can cover a layer of aluminum foil paper on food, or slightly open the oven door cooling can be; medium oven because the space is enough, and capable of controlling temperature, unless the temperature is too high, away from the fire too close or baked too long, less burnt.
The uneven temperature of the treatment
Medium oven can be controlled, but still difficult to comparable professional oven. To make Chinese and Western snacks, for example, for medium oven temperature than professional oven and stable, so in baking must to be more careful attention to temperature change, must be timely cooling snack changeover or turn around, in order to avoid a cake or bread on both sides of the expansion is highly uneven, or biscuits and some had no some immature occurs.
You avoid scald
The oven is heated in addition to the internal temperature, the shell and the glass door is also very hot, so in the open or close the oven door carefully, to avoid being scalded glass door.
3 special attention
The oven at the beginning to, should first temperature, get angry, under fire, adjust the fire is good, then along the clockwise twist dynamic time knob (don't screw counter clockwise), then the power lights up, demonstrate the oven in the working state. In use process, if we set 30 minutes to cook their food, but through observation, 20 minutes of food is cooked, so we at this time do not counter clockwise until the time knob, please put fire in the middle of the three knob stalls, adjusted to the closed on it, which can prolong the service life of the machine.
Add a few points:
1, the oven must be placed in a well ventilated place, do not be too close to the wall, easy to heat.
2, it is best not to put the oven near water, because of working time overall oven temperatures are high, if the water would cause the temperature difference.
3, the oven long time do not work long time in front of the oven.
4, if the oven door glass found to have cracks, please immediately stop using.
We hope that through the above description, the use of electric oven can be better.


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